Instructor Bios

"Everybody brings something unique to swordsmanship. Every body type and mentality has its advantages and weaknesses. The winner is the man that leverages those advantages most effectively."


Joey Hochadel, GCDS Head Military Sabre Instructor

Joey Hochadel

Head Military Sabre Instructor

Prior to his direct involvement in HEMA, Joey has had a long history with sword fighting and marital arts in general with 12 years of experience in sport fencing with Foil, Epee and Sabre. In addition to his fencing background, Joey has also cross trained in Judo, Aikijutsu, and Kung Fu which added to his skill in close measure fighting. He specializes in the study of the British Military Sabre and it's sources such as Roworth and Angelo, in addition to a side interest in dagger fighting and pole-arms such as spear and polehammer. Joey's Military Sabre's classes include an emphasis on posture, footwork, distance management and blade work. He offers a very encouraging, relaxed atmosphere during his classes which allows for both open discussion of the techniques with new students and a focus on effective but difficult drills to sharpen technique and form. 

Basics are everything! Only through hours of grueling training drilling the basics into your body, will one be able to have true speed, endurance and power that outshines cheap tricks. 


—  Random Allen, German Longsword Instructor

Random Allen

German Longsword Instructor

“Random has always had a passion for sword based martial arts. After a year of sport fencing, Random spent over 3 years training in the Japanese Martial Art of Kendo at the Miami Valley Kendo club. Through learning from several high ranking masters, competing and receiving medals in multiple tournaments and days of extremely difficult training on the dojo floor, he learned the value of results through effort, hard work, dedication and respect. He has over one year and growing of direct HEMA experience from Queen City Sword Guild in Cincinnati alongside the instruction from instructors at Steel City Historical Fencing and Royal Academy of Historical Fencing arts. His main focus is German Longsword within the Liechtenauer tradition, drawing heavily from MS 2337A, Pseudo Von Danzig and Ringeck glosses. While he places upon his students a heavy focus of learning the basics through consistent difficult training and adherence source material, he will never expect a student to do something that he cannot do himself and is always open to questions.”

"In order to learn victory, one must first learn defeat. Before one can rise, one must learn how to fall."


—  Sven Kasaroczky, Italian Longsword Instructor

Sven Kasaroczky

Italian Longsword Instructor

Before beginning to study HEMA, Sven had a notable background in grappling based martial arts and a variety of weapons. He has studied Japanese Jujutsu for over a year and half, and following dedicated and persistent training between 10-12 hours each week, achieved his 2nd degree black belt in the style. In addition to Judo, Sven has also studied Aikido, specialized in ground fighting and grappling and trained with several weapons such as the staff, single and double sticks, nunchucks, daggers and refines his archery skills with the European Longbow. During his year and growing of HEMA practice, he was drawn to Fiore specifically as it both complemented his grappling background and involved finesse and fast attacks, describing it as the “underdog of sword styles”. Sven’s classes involve a heavy emphasis on slow work through the various plays of Fior Di Battaglia as well as an depth focus on grappling and rolls.   

Former Instructors

"Failure the the best teacher! Honestly a big part of my skill came from those years of trial and error. We had no targets off limits so you could strike anywhere. I think that really helped in my growth because I had to make sure I really protected myself. We fought with the understanding that it was unarmored!"


—  Chris Sizemore,Head Italian/English Longsword Instructor

Chris Sizemore

Former Italian/English Longsword Instructor

In the same manner as many of HEMA’s founders, Chris Sizemore’s skill is built from years of trial and error, hard work and a passion for the sources as well as sword fighting in general. Starting at age 16 practicing with a Kendo shinai alongside a group of friends learning techniques, Chris was introduced to HEMA through Matt Easton and the videos on ScholaGladitoria. While many others who practiced longsword in HEMA studied mainly the German traditions, Chris was drawn to the works of Fiore de'i Liberi and the early English system through the help of Ben Roberts. After years of solo training and drilling the plays from the sources, he has spent 3 years involved directly with many different HEMA clubs and study groups. While his main focus is Longsword, he also enjoys sword and buckler, sword and shield, spears and polearms as well as staff, sabre and sidesword. His classes place a strong emphasis on information directly from the sources, working through techniques and then drilling those techniques continuously until they function at high speed.